Quick follow-up on mammography

This morning, Shannon Brownlee went on the Diane Rehm Show to discuss the RCT published in the BMJ showing no mortality benefit to screening mammography. If you weren’t able to catch the show this morning, you can listen to the show here.

Also, Dr. Aaron Carroll, blogger at The Incidental Economist, has a fantastic post that responds to a lot of the arguments against the study that came up on the radio show. His last paragraph sums up the debate perfectly:

“I leave you with one final thought. If you’re not going to be swayed at all by a randomized controlled trial of 90,000 women with 25 year follow up, excellent compliance, and damn good methods , it might be time to consider that there’s really no study at all that will make you change your mind.”


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3 Responses to Quick follow-up on mammography

  1. Soren says:

    The evidence against mammography is large, irrefutable, and substantial (see “The Mammogram Myth” by Rolf Hefti). If a woman looks PAST the pro-mammogram claims of the medical establishment she will quickly see that women have been profoundly misguided about the real value of mammography, going on for a long time.

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